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Bathurst History and Abercrombie House Tour

Bathurst is Australia's oldest inland European settlement. With its rich and fascinating, yet sometimes tragic history, you’ll learn about life for the early European settlers and the traditional Wiradjuri owners.

We wind our way through the streets and alleys of Bathurst seeing things you would never find on your own. We take a peek into the life of Ben Chifley, a Bathurst boy born in 1885.

We explore Abercrombie House on a very private tour through this amazing 51 room mansion with its 30 fire places.

There are plenty of old towns with great history around inland Australia but there are none that pre-date Bathurst. Learn about the past of this proud city but also look into the future for one of Australia’s fastest growing inland centres.

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Tour Highlights

  • Mount panorama racing circuit (1938)
  • Wahluu cultural area
  • Australia’s oldest inland church (1835)
  • Crago Mill (1906)
  • Milltown area, mills, police station
  • Residences
  • Ribbon Gang Lane (1830’s)
  • Carillon (1933)
  • Courthouse (1882)
  • And so much more…

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